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China Makes a Bet Against the US Dollar as World Reserve Currency Daily FX 4h 48m
There’s a significant reason why China has been issuing debt denominated in US Dollars.

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Forex Today: The world gyrates around the US-China trade deal FXstreet.com News 7h 27m
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Dow Jones, DAX 30, FTSE 100 Forecasts: Major Risks Are Removed Daily FX 7h 48m
Stocks enjoyed a broad removal of risk last week as the US and China seemingly reached a phase one trade deal while the UK general election saw conservatives gain an outright majority. What’s next?

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Gold Price Outlook Bearish on Easing Trade Tensions, GDP Data Daily FX1d 1h 48m
Gold prices may suffer if better-than-expected US economic data and progress on US-China trade negotiations cool 2020 Fed rate cuts and alleviate demand for anti-fiat hedges.
China’s top diplomat Wang: China-US trade deal good news for all FXstreet.com News1d 6h 13m
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US Treasury Sec. Mnuchin: Details of US-China “phase one” trade deal to come out over weekend FXstreet.com News1d 6h 19m
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Sources: China to target around 6% growth in 2020, step up state spending – Reuters FXstreet.com News1d 10h 7m
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Oil Price Outlook Mired by Sticky US Crude Output Daily FX1d 17h 48m
The price of oil preserves the advance following the OPEC meeting as the US and China, the two largest consumers of crude, reach a trade deal.
Dow Jones &amp;amp; Yuan Wobble Despite China Confirming Trade Deal with US Daily FX2d 4h 9m
Stocks in the Dow Jones soared alongside the Chinese Yuan after Beijing confirmed trade negotiators reached a partial deal with Washington in text but have since turned negative.
Trump halts new tariffs in US China trade war BBC News2d 4h 13m
The so-called phase one deal will see billions of dollars in tariffs removed or delayed.
China's Vice Finance Minister: Cancelling tariffs is core to China's concerns FXstreet.com News2d 5h 31m
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US Pres. Trump: Wall Street Journal story on China deal is completely wrong FXstreet.com News2d 6h 34m
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US-China Phase 1 deal reached – ABN AMRO FXstreet.com News2d 6h 57m
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China State Council Information Office to hold press briefing at 14:30 GMT FXstreet.com News2d 7h 0m
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China concerned about US' hard targets of agricultural purchases – CNBC FXstreet.com News2d 7h 31m
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Pound to Dollar Exchange Rate: GBP/USD Slips Back from Year and a Half Best as Brexit Speculation Returns Currency News2d 8h 18m
Following a sharp surge in reaction to UK General Election news last night, investors sold the British Pound to US Dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate back from its best levels today as markets looked ahead to what was next for the Brexit process and Britain’s economy. Meanwhile, the US Dollar was easily able to push the pair back down from its... [...]
Crude Oil Price Analysis: Positive US-China Trade Talk Powers Rally Daily FX2d 9h 28m
A positive technical outlook and news that the US and China have agreed a deal in principle sent oil surging with multi-month highs within touching distance.
Euro Stoxx 50 May Rally on UK Election, Retail Sales Data Daily FX2d 12h 48m
Equities may climb higher early into the European and US session as both regions wake up to market-friendly exit polls on the UK election and progress on US-China trade talks.
S&P 500 Forecast: SP 500 likely to Move on Trade Headlines DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 12h 57m
The S&P 500 is likely to see a lot of volatility on Friday, because quite frankly we are waiting to see whether or not the tariffs are levied on the Chinese this Sunday. December 15 is the trade tariff deadline, and so far, nothing has changed.
US and China have landed a 'phase one' deal – Danske Bank FXstreet.com News2d 12h 58m
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China's Foreign Ministry spokesman: Deal must be mutually beneficial FXstreet.com News2d 13h 16m
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Crude Oil Prices Eye US-China Trade Deal Terms for Direction Daily FX2d 13h 48m
Crude oil prices edged up as markets cheered the UK general election outcome and a nearly-there US-China trade deal, but technical cues continue to send warning signals.
Forex Today: Big Johnson win sparks Brexit optimism, eyes on US-China trade deal FXstreet.com News2d 14h 2m
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Sources: China leaders not yet accepted deal - CNBC FXstreet.com News2d 14h 51m
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Trump 'signs off' on deal to pause US-China trade war BBC News2d 15h 36m
Asia stocks rose after the two sides reportedly reached a deal days before new tariffs were due to start.
US Dollar, Rupee and Nifty 50 Outlook After Trade Deal, Indian CPI Daily FX2d 15h 48m
The USD/INR may fall as the Nifty 50 rises after the US and China avoided tariff escalation and Indian CPI increased at its fastest pace since July 2016 amid on onion shortage.
China FDI - Foreign Direct Investment (YTD) (YoY) declined to 6% in November from previous 6.6% FXstreet.com News2d 16h 21m
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Chinese so far haven’t given any information on China and the US are close to a deal – Global Times FXstreet.com News2d 16h 23m
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US to announce China trade deal on Friday, sources say - Bloomberg FXstreet.com News2d 17h 12m
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China’s top diplomat Wang urges the US to calm down as soon as possible FXstreet.com News2d 18h 35m
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GBP/CNH: Offshore Yuan drops hits 3.5-year low despite US-China trade optimism FXstreet.com News2d 18h 40m
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China’s ForeignMin: The United States wrong understanding of China is the root cause FXstreet.com News2d 19h 5m
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AUD/USD Rate Stages Key Test of 200-Day SMA Amid US-China Trade Deal Daily FX2d 19h 48m
AUD/USD clears the October high (0.6930) as the US and China reach a trade deal, but failure to close above the 200-Day SMA (0.6910) may undermine the recent advance.
S&P 500 futures rise on tentative US-China trade deal and Brexit optimism FXstreet.com News2d 20h 46m
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USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD Price Rally May Extend on Trade Deal Daily FX2d 20h 48m
The rally in AUD/USD, NZD/USD and USD/JPY may prolong after the US-China trade deal and the UK Exit Poll induced a “risk-on” tilt in financial markets ahead of the APAC trading session.
China agrees to make $50b in US agricultural purchase - Reuters FXstreet.com News2d 21h 12m
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Trade: US, China reportedly agree tariff reduction. $50 billion agrifoods purchase in 2020, stocks positive FXstreet.com News2d 21h 23m
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Reports President Trump signs off on US-China trade deal to avert December tariffs - Bloomberg FXstreet.com News2d 23h 11m
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Forex Today: A deal in principle between the US and China boosted risk-on mood FXstreet.com News2d 23h 59m
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Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD/USD, AUD/JPY Surge on Potential Trade Deal Daily FX3d 0h 18m
The pro-risk Australian Dollar spiked on Thursday following a series of positive developments in the US-China trade war that could see reduced tariffs, a potential windfall for the Aussie Dollar.
Dow Jones Soars as US and China Agree to Trade Deal in Principle Daily FX3d 1h 3m
The Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 pressed to fresh levels on Thursday following headlines that the US and China may reach an agreement after all, as the two sides reportedly have a deal in principle.
Breaking: US reaches deal in principle with China, awaits Trump signoff FXstreet.com News3d 1h 14m
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China's Global Times suspects Trump's upbeat tweet only trick to boost stocks FXstreet.com News3d 5h 14m
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GBP to NZD Exchange Rate Gives Up Weekly Gains amid Election Jitters and Federal Reserve News Currency News3d 5h 18m
Concerns that the US-China trade war could continue for an extended period of time are not doing much to weaken the trade-correlated New Zealand Dollar this week, as the British Pound to New Zealand Dollar (GBP/NZD) exchange rate tumbles today on a combination of UK election uncertainties and a weaker US Dollar. The New Zealand Dollar has... [...]
Breaking: US Pres. Trump: Getting close to a big deal with China FXstreet.com News3d 6h 6m
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S&P 500 Forecast: Showing Signs of Strength DailyForex - Technical Analysis3d 9h 3m
The S&P 500 showed signs of strength again during the trading session on Wednesday, although at this point in time it’s very likely that the US/China trade situation will continue to cause a lot of issues.
Impose tariffs, China will surely retaliate – Global Times FXstreet.com News3d 11h 25m
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CNY will progressively gain traction through 2020 – Westpac FXstreet.com News3d 12h 46m
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China’s CommerceMin: We are in close communication with the US FXstreet.com News3d 13h 17m
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RBNZ releases its annual NZD TWI, Chinese Yuan tops FXstreet.com News3d 17h 15m
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China industry ministry official: Economy to expand 6.1-6.2% in 2019 FXstreet.com News3d 17h 56m
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RBA Q4 2019 Bulletin: Slowing trend growth in China relevant to the future economic prospects FXstreet.com News3d 20h 7m
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AUD/JPY: Off weekly top as US-China trade war, UK election heavy the risk tone FXstreet.com News3d 20h 38m
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Trump tariff deadline looms: 'It's very scary' BBC News3d 20h 47m
US customers could pay billions more for shoes each year if new tariffs on China take effect on Sunday.
US Pres. Trump can’t force China to yield on trade like Mexico – Global Times FXstreet.com News3d 22h 35m
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US Recession Watch, December 2019 - Recession Odds Down on US-China Trade Deal Hopes Daily FX4d 4h 48m
There is less than a 25% chance of a recession hitting the United States within the next 12-months, according to the NY Fed Recession Probability Indicator.
China wants Dec.15 tariffs cancelled as minimum pre-condition for continued talks – CNBC FXstreet.com News4d 8h 44m
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China Pig News: 2% herd growth may still leave tight supply after African swine fever epidemic FXstreet.com News4d 9h 32m
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AUD/USD Forecast: AUD Waiting for Trade Deal News DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 12h 19m
The Australian dollar has gone back and forth during the trading session on Tuesday as we continue to see a serious lack of clarity when it comes to the trade situation and of course we are facing the extension of trade tariffs on the Chinese starting this Sunday.
Warring Headlines Fuel Trade War Rumors DailyForex - News4d 13h 47m
According to headlines from the South China Morning Poston Wednesday, the upcoming deadline in the trade war between the United States and China is “likely to be missed.”
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