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ECB’s Villeroy: Given low inflation, we must keep interest rates low FXstreet.com News 4h 47m
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RBA Minutes: No appetite for negative interest rates FXstreet.com News 11h 1m
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The Singapore Dollar and MAS: What is SGD and How to Trade it? Daily FX2d 8h 33m
The Singapore Dollar (SGD) is driven by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which manages exchange rate instead of short-term interest rates. Learn more on the SGD and how to trade it.
China cuts interest rate, injects $7 billion into banking system FXstreet.com News2d 9h 14m
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Coronavirus: German interest rates on the rise due to crisis Deutsche Welle3d 10h 51m
German savers long reconciled to zero interest are being lured by rates up to 1% as coronavirus-hit companies seek liquid funds, according to a report by the Süddeutche Zeitung newspaper. The trend though is limited.
Colombia Interest rate came in at 3.75%, below expectations (4.25%) FXstreet.com News4d 14h 32m
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US Dollar Tanks, S&amp;amp;P 500 Stabilizes as FOMC Counters Coronavirus Daily FX4d 16h 3m
It's been a brutal month for the risk-on trade. But a glimmer of hope has shown as the S&amp;P has held on to support with the US Dollar tempering gains.
USD/CAD Erratic Price Action After Bank of Canada Emergency Rate Cut Daily FX4d 21h 43m
The Bank of Canada is the latest central bank to announce an emergency interest rate cut.
India RBI Interest Rate Decision (Repo Rate) below forecasts (5.15%): Actual (4.4%) FXstreet.com News5d 4h 29m
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Mexico Central Bank Interest Rate declined to 6.5% from previous 7% FXstreet.com News5d 16h 32m
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AUD/NZD: Breakout Sequence Awaits Momentum Recovery DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 22h 35m
Australia and New Zealand have announced economic relive packages, while bot central banks announced quantitative easing measures after slashing interest rates to 0.25%.
United Kingdom BoE Interest Rate Decision remains at 0.1% FXstreet.com News5d 23h 30m
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US treasury bonds offer negative yields FXstreet.com News6d 9h 57m
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