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Japanese Yen Latest – USD/JPY Posts a Fresh Three-Month Low on BoJ Talk Daily FX 3h 17m
Mixed messages from the Bank of Japan this week over the future course of monetary policy is boosting the Japanese Yen against a range of currencies
USD/JPY Forecast: Fluctuates Against the Yen on Wednesday - 07 December 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 5h 55m
On Wednesday, the US dollar exhibited a slight rally, reinforcing the support level along a significant trendline that analysts have been monitoring closely.

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US Dollar Price Action Setups: USD/CAD Tepid After BoC Decision, USD/JPY Wavers Daily FX 19h 18m
In this article, we analyze the technical outlook for USD/CAD and USD/JPY, dissecting important price levels that could function as support or resistance in the upcoming trading sessions.
USD/JPY: Near-Term Resistance Approached and Speculative - 06 December 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 22h 54m
The USD/JPY has produced a rather tight range the past couple of days and is languishing below what can be perceived to be interesting near-term technical resistance.

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USD/JPY Analysis: Stable Performance Awaiting American Jobs. - 06 December 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 0h 17m
Analysis of USD dynamics vs major currencies and USD/JPY trends, with expert insights and key technical levels ahead of US jobs data
USD/JPY Forecast: Continues to Hang About Support Against Yen - 06 December 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 0h 58m
The U.S. dollar's trading on Tuesday was marked by significant volatility, as it hovered around a key trendline.
Yen Price Update: Officials Mum on Policy Overhaul, USD/JPY Consolidates Daily FX1d 2h 32m
BoJ officials aren’t prepared to commit to a timeframe when negative interest rates will come to an end. Data is yet to convince the committee to end decades long stimulus and USD/JPY consolidates ahead of NFP
US Dollar Setups: USD/JPY Gains as GBP/USD Trends Lower, AUD/USD Hammered Daily FX1d 19h 3m
This article focuses on the technical outlook for USD/JPY, GBP/USD and AUD/USD, taking into account recent price action dynamics as well as prevailing market sentiment.
USD/JPY Analysis: The Future of The Downward Correction DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 1h 14m
USD/JPY rebounds to 147.45 resistance amid US Labor market reports. Downtrend persists with support at 146.22. Fed's rate decisions and BoJ policies in focus
USD/JPY Forecast: Looks for Buyers. Did it Find Some? - 05 December 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 1h 22m
In the USD/JPY currency pair, the US dollar has been exhibiting a pattern of indecision during early Monday trading, oscillating around a significant trendline.
US Dollar Flies as US Yields Spring Back to Life, Setups on USD/JPY, AUD/USD Daily FX2d 18h 18m
In this article, we analyze the technical outlook for USD/JPY and AUD/USD, taking into account market sentiment and price action dynamics. We also examine key levels that may act as support or resistance later this week.
USD/JPY Analysis: Strong Oversold Levels DailyForex - Technical Analysis3d 0h 53m
USD/JPY trading update: Bearish trend continues as the Japanese Yen gains against the US Dollar. US job data and technical analysis insights
USD/JPY Analysis: Strong Oversold Levels - 04 December 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis3d 0h 53m
USD/JPY trading update: Bearish trend continues as the Japanese Yen gains against the US Dollar. US job data and technical analysis insights
USD/JPY Forecast: Continues to Look Choppy Against the Yen DailyForex - Technical Analysis3d 2h 11m
The USD/JPY experienced initial weakness against the Japanese yen in Friday's trading session but managed to reverse its course, displaying signs of resilience.
Markets Week Ahead: Gold in Record Zone as Dow Breaks Out; EUR/USD, USD/JPY Eye NFP Daily FX3d 19h 48m
The U.S. ISM services PMI and November U.S. employment data will take center stage this week. These reports are likely to offer invaluable clues about the health of the U.S. economy, which could set the tone for financial markets.
Weekly Forex Forecast – USD/JPY, USD/CHF, NZD/USD, NASDAQ 100, Cocoa Futures DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 0h 20m
The difference between success and failure in Forex / CFD trading is highly likely to depend mostly upon which assets you choose to trade each week and in which direction, and not on the exact methods you might use to determine trade entries and exits.
US Dollar’s Trend Hinges on US Jobs Data, Setups on EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD Daily FX4d 5h 48m
This article focuses on the technical outlook for major U.S. dollar pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD. It also examines key price levels that could come into play ahead of the November U.S. jobs report.
USD/JPY Forecast: Pair Continues to See Jumpy Behavior DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 3h 17m
The moves of the US dollar showed a lot of volatile dynamics during the initial stages of Thursday's trading session, mirroring the resilience observed on the previous day.
Gold Prices, Nasdaq 100 Rejected at Resistance, USD/JPY Flies Ahead of Powell Daily FX6d 12h 48m
This article examines the technical outlook for gold prices, the Nasdaq 100 and USD/JPY, analyzing the critical price levels that may come into play in the near term
Japanese Yen Returns Some Gains After Adachi Comments Suggest No BOJ Shift Daily FX6d 21h 17m
The Japanese Yen has been strengthened by expectations that the Bank of Japan could tighten its ultra-loose monetary policy. However, these may have been premature
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