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Gold Technical Analysis: Limited Selling Pressure - 31 January 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 8h 24m
At the start of this week's trading, gold futures struggled to hold $1,920 an ounce as it snapped its longest weekly winning streak since August 2020.
Gold Slides Through Support as US Bond Yields Nudge Higher Ahead of the FOMC Daily FX 10h 18m
US Treasury yields are inching higher ahead of Wednesday’s FOMC rate decision and this is weighing on the price of gold
Gold Forecast: Gold Continues to Wait for Jerome Powell - 31 January 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 10h 29m
Gold markets initially trying to rally during the training session on Monday, but we continue to see a bit of hesitation just above.

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Gold Price Outlook: XAU/USD Bulls Tamed by Psychological Resistance Daily FX1d 5h 27m
Gold prices gapped higher on this week’s open, fueling bullish momentum. However, after retesting $1,950, prices have eased. What next for XAU/USD?
Gold Technical Analysis: Prices Face Important Challenges DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 7h 37m
At the end of last week's trading, gold futures were stable, with the pressure of the US dollar on the price of the precious metal.
Gold Forecast: Gold Continues to Chop in a Tight Channel - 30 January 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 12h 33m
Gold markets have initially fallen during the trading session on Monday, where we had reached the $1920 level, and then ended up bouncing.
Markets Week Ahead: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Gold, Dow Jones, Fed, ECB, BoE Daily FX2d 4h 48m
Traders are eyeing the Fed, BoE and ECB rate decisions for the US Dollar, British Pound and Euro, respectively. Will central banks disappoint, bringing back market volatility?
Weekly Forex Forecast – Gold, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, S&P 500 Index, Bitcoin DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 12h 10m
The difference between success and failure in Forex / CFD trading is highly likely to depend mostly upon which assets you choose to trade each week and in which direction, and not on the exact methods you might use to determine trade entries and exits.
Gold Forecast: Markets Continue to Climb a Wall of Worry DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 12h 15m
Gold markets are behaving very much like stock markets, in the sense that they are simply grinding higher, and are not giving much in the way of an entry possibility for those of us who did not jump on it right away.
Gold Price Forecast: GC 1923 Still in Play – Can Bulls Tag 2k? Daily FX5d 1h 46m
The bullish trend in Gold continues to hold even as bulls have begun to face a bit of turbulence around the prior ATH of 1923.
Gold Technical Analysis: Price of Gold Breaks New Highs DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 8h 34m
The continued weakening of the price of the US dollar remains supportive of the price of an ounce of gold XAU/USD in moving towards important resistance levels.
Forex Today: Bank of Canada Hikes, but Signals Pause DailyForex - News5d 14h 11m
BoC Raises Rates by 0.25% to 4.50%; Chinese Stock Market Roars Ahead; Gold Reaches 9-Month High at $1948; US Advance GDP of 2.6% Expected
Gold Technical Analysis: Gold Price Facing Decisive Peaks DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 8h 33m
The bulls’ control over the performance of the XAU/USD gold price still exists.
Silver Forecast: Silver Recovers After Monday Selloff DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 12h 54m
Silver has gone back and forth during the trading session on Tuesday but settled on an upward move.
Forex Today: Australian Inflation Rises to 32-Year High DailyForex - News6d 13h 44m
Australian CPI Reaches 8.4%; New Zealand Inflation Drops Slightly; Gold Reaches 9-Month High at $1942
Gold Holds the High Ground as US Dollar Languishes. Where to for XAU/USD? Daily FX6d 16h 18m
The gold price is pressing overnight highs as the US Dollar struggled to get a grip and CPI data revealed growing price pressures down under. How high can gold go?
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