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ETH/USD Forecast: Continues to Consolidate Above the 200-Day EMA - 31 January 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 10h 39m
The ETH/USD has pulled back during the session on Monday, as we continue to see the Ethereum market consolidate between the 200-Day EMA underneath and the $1700 level above.
BTC/USD Forecast: Starts to Show Signs of Hesitation - 31 January 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 10h 49m
The BTC/USD market has pulled back just a bit during the trading session on Monday, as we are starting to see more of a hesitant market for Bitcoin, and therefore we could see this market drop down rather drastically.

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BTC/USD Forex Signal: Pullback Expected as Rising Wedge Forms - 31 January 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 12h 31m
The BTC/USD pair pulled back slightly as bond yields and the US dollar index (DXY) rose while American stocks pulled back.

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BTC/USD Forex Signal: Bullish Above $23,629 - 30 January 2023 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 11h 38m
Bitcoin reaches new 6-month high price over the weekend.
Forex Today: Bitcoin Reaches 6-Month High DailyForex - News1d 12h 32m
Bitcoin Up 40% Since 2022; Global Stocks Mostly Falling; Yen Strengthens, Aussie Weakens.
Pairs in Focus This Week - USD/JPY, BTC/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, AUD/JPY, USD/CAD, EUR/USD, Oil DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 10h 32m
Get the Forex Forecast using fundamentals, sentiment, and technical position analyses for major pairs for the week of January 29th, 2022 here.
Weekly Forex Forecast – Gold, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, S&P 500 Index, Bitcoin DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 11h 10m
The difference between success and failure in Forex / CFD trading is highly likely to depend mostly upon which assets you choose to trade each week and in which direction, and not on the exact methods you might use to determine trade entries and exits.
BTC/USD Forecast: Continues to Look for its Next Move DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 11h 25m
The BTC/USD initially tried to rally during the trading session on Thursday but seems to be sticking to the 23,000-level light blue.
ETH/USD Forecast: Continues to Dance Along the 200-Day EMA DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 11h 50m
The ETH/USD market drifted a little bit lower during the trading session on Wednesday, as we said just above the 200-Day EMA, after pulling back from the crucial $1700 level.
BTC/USD Forecast: Continues to Look for Some Momentum DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 12h 16m
The BTC/USD has done very little during the trading session on Wednesday, as we continue to see more sideways action.
BTC/USD Forex Signal: Strong Bullish Breakout Runs into Resistance DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 12h 27m
Bitcoin’s strong bullish move is looking likely to slow down dramatically as it runs into several resistance levels.
BTC/USD Forecast: Bitcoin Levitates After Move Higher DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 5h 33m
Bitcoin has gone back and forth during the course of the trading session on Tuesday as we try to figure out where we are going next.
Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC/USD Hesitant as Bullish Momentum Fades Daily FX6d 6h 17m
Bitcoin prices have fallen back into a narrow range that has formed around the September high of $22,781. Will a break of this zone determine the next move for BTC?
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