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XRP/USD: Will Exhausted Upside Lead to Sell-off? DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 22h 54m
While Bitcoin has dragged down the overall cryptocurrency market, Ripple managed to outperform as solid fundamental overcame peer pressure.
Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTCUSD Lacks Momentum Despite Key Tailwind Daily FX3d 9h 32m
After suffering a debilitating breakdown in late September, Bitcoin has continued lower despite weakness in a key emerging market currency that has historically boosted BTCUSD.
BTC/USD Forex Signal DailyForex - Technical Analysis3d 20h 7m
Bitcoin: More bearish but $7,750 support
Bitcoin Forecast: Continuing to Break Down - 17 October 2019 DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 0h 33m
Bitcoin has finally broken through the uptrend line and rolled over through the 200 day EMA.
ETH/USD: Will bullish momentum loss force breakdown? - 16 October 2019 DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 19h 3m
Overall bearishness remains across the cryptocurrency sector with Bitcoin leading the drift lower.
BTC/USD Forex Signal - 16 October 2019 DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 22h 8m
Bitcoin: More bearish below $8,047
Bitcoin Forecast: Bitcoin to continue weakening - 16 October 2019 DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 0h 47m
Bitcoin initially tried to rally during the day on Tuesday but then broke down a bit again.
BTC/USD Forex Signal DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 20h 45m
Bitcoin: Bulls vs bears from $8,458 to $8,24
Bitcoin Forecast: Trying to Break Down - 15 October 2019 DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 22h 59m
Bitcoin markets did very little during trading on Monday, but in all fairness it was Columbus Day in the United States.
Cryptocurrency: Time for central banks to step up? – ING FXstreet.com News6d 19h 1m
Read more on https://www.fxstreet.com
LTC/USD Forex Signal- Will a Breakout Sequence Emerge? DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 20h 51m
As Bitcoin struggles to gain traction, Litecoin has been able to use its 8th anniversary and push back above its 38.2 Fibonacci Retracement Fan Resistance Level
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