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4 EU countries pledge tenfold rise in North Sea wind power Deutsche Welle 9h 4m
Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark plan to build 150 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity in the North Sea to help achieve the EU's climate goals and, eventually, break away from Russian energy.

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EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Closest Selling Levels - 18 May 2022 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 14h 26m
During the recent trading sessions, we noticed a rebound in the price of the euro currency pair against the dollar, EUR/USD, with gains to the resistance level of 1.0556.
GBP/USD Technical Analysis: Rebound Gains to Collapse - 18 May 2022 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 14h 31m
The British pound succeeded in achieving gains against the euro and the dollar after the release of British labor market statistics that revealed a strong jump in wages and a larger-than-expected drop in unemployment.
EUR/USD Latest – Support at 1.05 Back in Focus, ECB Rate Hike Talk Daily FX 15h 33m
The Euro continues to probe the important 1.05 level against the US dollar despite recent talk from one ECB hawk that an out-sized 50 basis point rate hike is possible in the coming months.
DAX Forecast: Threatening 50-Day EMA - 18 May 2022 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 20h 30m
The German DAX Index rallied on Tuesday as we continue to see money flow back into equities in general.
EUR/USD Forex Signal: Short-Term Relief Rally Expected - 18 May 2022 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 21h 35m
The EUR/USD pair rallied to the highest level since May 11th ahead of the upcoming Euro area consumer inflation data.
Nasdaq 100 Skips Up Despite Fed Chair Powell’s Red-Hot Hawkishness. Where To for Tech Stocks? Daily FX 22h 3m
The Nasdaq 100 continued to bounce off recent lows as decent data overcame a Fed Chair that's staring down inflation. Is it a bear market rally or is a true upturn afoot for NDX?

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Central Bank Watch: BOE &amp;amp; ECB Interest Rate Expectations Update Daily FX1d 7h 48m
Bank of England rate hike odds stagnate while the market has dragged forward expectations for the European Central Bank.
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Euro Tries to Recover, Needs Stimulus DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 13h 34m
Euro exchange rates were flat at the start of the new week's trading and at least some of the rally can be attributed to comments by a prominent member of the European Central Bank.
DAX Forecast: Index Finds Buyers on Dips DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 19h 18m
The German DAX index gapped slightly higher to kick off the Monday future session but then fell rather hard.
CAC Forecast: Index Continues to Find Buyers DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 19h 37m
The French DAX Index initially fell on Monday but found buyers underneath at the €6280 level.
Explainer: Northern Ireland Protocol continues to cast its shadow Deutsche Welle1d 19h 41m
On Tuesday, the UK government will announce planned legislation on the Northern Ireland Protocol that could end up killing its post-Brexit deal with the EU. A trade war could follow.
EUR/USD Forecast: Euro Continues to Attempt Recovery - 17 May 2022 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 19h 53m
The euro rallied just a bit on Monday to show signs of life again, but at this point, it seems that the market is in a strong downtrend.
EUR/USD Forex Signal: Ripe for a Major Bearish Breakout DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 20h 57m
The EUR/USD pair declined slightly as concerns about the future of the European economy continued.
Euro Pauses as Markets Take Stock Ahead of Fed Chair Powell. Will EUR/USD See New Lows? Daily FX1d 22h 3m
The Euro has lifted off recent lows as the US Dollar softened ahead of commentary from Fed Chair Jerome Powell today. Will EUR/USD overcome momentum?
Northern Ireland: Could the EU and UK face a trade war? BBC News2d 4h 0m
As tensions build over Northern Ireland, concerns of an EU-UK trade war have surfaced.
Euro Technical Analysis: Mixed Messages from EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD Rates Daily FX2d 9h 3m
The major EUR-crosses are coalescing around a singular theme.
Lockdowns cripple Chinese economy Deutsche Welle2d 9h 48m
The Chinese economy is slowing down markedly as strict lockdowns send big cities into hibernation. Repercussions will be felt in Germany, too.
FX Week Ahead - Top 5 Events: US Retail Sales; UK Inflation Rate; Eurozone Inflation Rate; Canada Inflation Rate; Australia Jobs Report Daily FX2d 10h 3m
The Federal Reserve is in its communications blackout window, elevating the importance of US economic data in the days ahead.
Euro Pound Exchange Rate Wavers on Eurozone’s Weak Trade Balance Euro Exchange Rate News2d 11h 48m
Euro Pound Exchange Rate Wavers on Eurozone’s Weak Trade Balance Euro Pound Exchange Rate Zigzags as Eurozone Trade Disappoints The Euro Pound (EUR/GBP) exchange rate is falling this afternoon as the Eurozone’s latest trade balance weighs on the Euro (EUR). The movement erases EUR/GBP’s earlier gains, leaving the pair to have traded sideways over the course of the session. At the time of writing, …
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Price of Euro Still Weak DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 13h 55m
The euro took a hit amid another hike in natural gas prices, this time on news of new moves by Russia to restrict supplies to Europe.
Russia looms large at EU-US trade and tech talks in Paris Deutsche Welle2d 14h 19m
A trans-Atlantic forum meant to bring Washington and Brussels closer on digital and trade issues has switched gears to tackle global trade and supply chain disruptions sparked by Russia's ongoing aggression in Ukraine.
EU lowers economic growth expectations amid Ukraine war Deutsche Welle2d 15h 40m
Rising energy and commodity prices resulting from Russia's war in Ukraine are slowing Europe's economic growth and increasing inflation.
EUR/USD Forecast: Awaiting Short-term Bounce DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 17h 14m
The Euro has bounced ever so slightly during the trading session on Friday, limping into the weekend.
Euro Breaking News: European Commission Spring Forecast Buoys EUR/USD Daily FX2d 17h 33m
EUR/USD got a much needed reprieve this morning from both the European Commissions 2022 spring forecast as well as hawkish comments from the ECB’s Villeroy.
EUR/USD Forex Signal: Euro Heads to a 20-Year Low - 16 May 2022 DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 18h 55m
The EUR/USD pair will likely have a bearish breakout and drop to the 20-year low of 1.0280.
Crude Oil Prices Balk at Recent Highs After Risk Sentiment Turns. Where To from Here? Daily FX2d 22h 3m
Crude oil prices remain elevated, providing Saudi Aramco with record profits as markets digest evidence of a slowing Chinese economy.
Oil Price Forecast: The Fundamental and Technical Backdrop Remains Bullish for WTI Daily FX3d 22h 3m
Oil prices could rise in the short term if China begins to dismantle the Shanghai lockdowns and the European Union reaches an agreement among member states to ban Russian oil imports.
EUR/USD Price Forecast: Euro Hit by Gas Disruptions, Parity Break at Risk Daily FX4d 1h 3m
The Euro looks ahead to important EU economic data releases while facing several headwinds, while EUR/USD tests 2017 lows.
Pound Sterling (GBP) Weekly Forecast: Stagflation and Article 16 Risks Daily FX5d 11h 3m
Cable continues to be plagued with the ‘stagflation’ tag as risk to growth restrict lofty rate hike plans. The NI protocol issue returns following the EU’ new proposal
EUR/USD Price Forecast: EURUSD Continues its Decline Ahead of EU CPI Next Week Daily FX5d 15h 48m
EUR/USD remains technically and fundamentally susceptible to even further losses as ECB members reiterate the same message regarding rate hikes and APP exit
EUR/USD Forecast: Euro Breaks Through a Major Support Level DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 17h 32m
The Euro has broken below the crucial 1.05 level, an area that will attract a lot of attention.
British Pound (GBP) Forecast: Brexit Protocols and Weak Growth, a Prelude to Next Week’s UK Data Daily FX5d 17h 33m
GBP plagued by fundamental and geopolitical headwinds as next week’s inflation and jobs data draw closer.
DAX Forecast: Index Has a Very Volatile Thursday DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 19h 32m
The German index has gone back and forth during the bulk of the trading session, as we continue to see a lot of questions asked about the global economy.
EUR/USD Rate Eyes 2017 Low as Bear Flag Formation Unfolds Daily FX6d 2h 33m
EUR/USD is on the cusp of testing the 2017 low (1.0340) as a bear flag formation unfolds, with the decline in the exchange rate pushing the RSI back below 30.
US Dollar Price Action Setups: EUR/USD, USD/JPY Breakdowns Daily FX6d 12h 38m
The US Dollar has set a fresh 19-year high, helped along by another breakdown in EUR/USD. USD/JPY also turned and that remains of interest.
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Downside Path is Stronger DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 13h 16m
Despite the recent stability of the EUR/USD currency pair's performance, the US dollar continued its strength.
Crude Oil Update: Uncertainty Around EU Oil Ban While COVID-19 Cases Fall in Shanghai Daily FX6d 19h 3m
Brent crude oil continues to grapple with a stronger dollar while the proposed EU ban on Russian oil hits a roadblock ahead of IEA and OPEC reports later today.
EUR/USD Forex Signal: Bearish Consolidation Continues DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 19h 16m
The pair remains vulnerable to a breakdown below $1.0500.
DAX Forecast: Index Gives Up Some Early Gains DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 19h 32m
The German DAX Index rallied significantly on Wednesday in the futures market to reach the €13,888 level.
EUR/USD Forecast: Euro Consolidates and Does Nothing DailyForex - Technical Analysis6d 21h 7m
The euro went back and forth on Wednesday as the 1.05 level continues to offer a lot of support.
Crude Oil Lifted as US CPI Remains Stubbornly High and Risk Aversion Hits Equities Daily FX6d 22h 3m
Crude oil holds up despite the recent turmoil permeating other markets and a stubbornly high US CPI. Will WTI see a volatility break out?
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