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EUR/USD Fails to Capitalize on Monday's Reprieve, Downside Risks Persist Daily FX 1h 38m
EUR/USD technical analysis: 1.0700 support in focus, with 1.0600 and 1.0450 levels on the radar amid downside risks in the run up to elections

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EUR/USD Forecast: Bounces from 1.07 - 18 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 3h 0m
The Euro rallied significantly during the early hours on Monday, as we are hanging around at the 1.07 level, an area that has been important more than once.
AUD/USD Forex Signal: Forecast After the Interest Rate Hold - 18 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 3h 7m
The Australian dollar moved sideways after the country’s central bank delivered a relatively hawkish decision on Tuesday morning.
GBP/USD Forex Signal: Downtrend to Continue Ahead of UK Inflation Data - 18 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 3h 39m
The GBP/USD pair was flat on Tuesday morning as focus remained on the UK political scene and the next Fed actions.
AUD/USD Nudges Higher – RBA Leaves Policy Untouched, Discussed Hiking Rates Daily FX 4h 5m
The economic outlook remains uncertain and inflation remains too high, according to a hawkish Reserve Bank of Australia.
BTC/USD Forex Signal: Bitcoin Forecast as it Remains in a Tight Range - 18 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 4h 16m
The price of Bitcoin has remained in a tight range in the past few months. It has remained inside the crucial support and resistance levels at $56,493 and $72,795.
EUR/USD Forex Signal: Rebound Could be Short-Lived - 18 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 4h 22m
Bearish: Sell EUR/USD with a target of 1.0670, stop-loss at 1.0755. Bullish: Buy-stop at 1.0735, target 1.0800, stop-loss at 1.0675.
BTC/USD Forecast: Shows Hesitation on the Upside - 18 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 5h 33m
Bitcoin initially did try to rally a bit during the early hours on Monday, but it appears that the $67,000 level held its market memory and offered resistance.

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USD/JPY Testing Multi-Week Highs, Will the BoJ Wait Until the End of July? Daily FX 19h 17m
USD/JPY is re-testing levels last seen in late-April on a combination of USD strength and Yen weakness. Will the BoJ intervene before the next central bank policy meeting?
BoE, Sterling Outlook: GBP/USD, GBP/CHF Key Levels and Scenarios to Watch Daily FX 21h 47m
All eyes will be on the pound this week with crucial CPI data and the Bank of England rate decision in the balance. The Swiss National Bank adds uncertainty to the mix
USD/TRY Forecast: Retreats to Four-Week Low Against USD - 17 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 22h 56m
The USD/TRY pair rose at the beginning of trading this week, as the lira fell to its lowest level in about a month, after settling in a narrow range that lasted for several weeks.
GBP/USD Analysis: All Eyes on Bank of England - 17 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis 23h 50m
This week, all focus will be on the performance of the pound in the forex markets in the Bank of England announcement.

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USD/JPY Analysis: Eyes on 160.00 Psychological Resistance - 17 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 0h 17m
Recently, the Japanese yen came under renewed pressure following the Bank of Japan's (BoJ) latest policy decision, as the bank failed to meet market expectations of reducing bond purchases.
EUR/USD Analysis: Bearish Momentum Could Persist - 17 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 0h 32m
The EUR/USD pair came under pressure last week following the French elections, where President Macron called for early parliamentary elections after losing to the far-right National Rally party in the European vote.
GBP/USD Forecast: Testing Support at 1.27 Amid USD Strength - 17 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 1h 37m
The British Pound fell rather hard during the early hours on Friday as we have dropped below the 1.27 level during the session.
Positive Market Sentiment Nudges Risk Assets Higher, Gold Slips Lower Daily FX1d 1h 48m
Risk markets are pushing higher at the start of the week after the Nasdaq 100 posted yet another all-time high. Gold is slipping back towards support, while the US dollar treads water.
USD/JPY Forecast: Bullish Breakout Eyes 160 Yen - 17 June 2024 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 2h 9m
The US dollar has rallied quite nicely during the early hours on Friday against the Japanese Yen, breaking above the 158 Yen level.
USD/ZAR Analysis: Confident Lower Realm Hovering Near Crucial Support DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 3h 3m
As of this morning the USD/ZAR is near the 18.38275 realm with fast changes being displayed due to light volume and a banking holiday in South Africa
USD/MXN Analysis: Populism Causing Nervous Bullish Speculative Action DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 3h 13m
The USD/MXN has opened today’s trading and is around the 18.44845 price which is actually within the middle ground of its five day price range.
USD/MXN Forecast: US dollar gives up early gains against the Mexican peso DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 3h 24m
The US dollar initially shot higher against the Mexican peso during trading on Friday, reaching towards the 18.60 level.
USD/INR Forecast: US Dollar Continues to Rise Against Rupee DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 3h 28m
The US dollar has rallied again during the trading session on Friday as the greenback continues to go higher against the Indian rupee.
USD/ZAR Forex Signal: US dollar continues to look for support against South African Rand DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 3h 31m
The US dollar has gone back and forth during the trading session on Friday.
Central Bank Watch: Upcoming Decisions from BoE and SNB Set to Impact EUR Pairs Daily FX1d 3h 38m
Euro crosses in focus as UK data, French elections, and central bank meetings take centre stage. Analysing key levels and potential opportunities in EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and EUR/CHF
GBP/USD Forex Signal: Inverse H&S Pattern is Slowly Forming DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 4h 44m
The GBP/USD pair retreated on Monday morning ahead of key events from the UK.
BTC/USD Forex Signal: Forecast as Bitcoin Forms a Double Top DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 4h 48m
Bitcoin price remained under pressure on Monday morning as the recent bullish momentum faded.
AUD/USD Forex Signal: Forecast Ahead of the RBA Decision DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 4h 53m
The AUD/USD pair retreated after last week’s hawkish Federal Reserve decision.
EUR/USD Forex Signal: Consolidating Below $1.0709 DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 5h 3m
French opinion polls suggest far right increasing lead.
Forex Today: Fed’s Kashkari Suggests Delaying Rate Cut to December DailyForex - News1d 5h 9m
Fed’s Kashkari Males Implicitly Hawkish Statement; Fears Grow of Far-Right Victory in France; Indonesian Rupiah at 4-Year Low
Pairs in Focus: Bitcoin, Nasdaq, Crude Oil, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP DailyForex - Technical Analysis1d 23h 56m
Weekly Market Forecast: Key pairs in focus include Bitcoin, WTI Crude, AUD/USD, NASDAQ 100, EUR/GBP, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, and CAC 40. Trade smart, stay updated!
WTI Crude Oil Weekly Forecast: Additional Steps Higher in Strong Price Range DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 0h 27m
WTI Crude Oil traded higher last week and finished near the 78.440 USD price going into the weekend, the commodity extended gains which essentially started on the 4th of June.
EUR/USD Weekly Forecast: Wicked and Wild Volatility Creating Wagering Chaos DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 0h 32m
Since the 7th of June the EUR/USD has seen volatility spike as its price range has whipsawed and created dangerous trading conditions for the currency pair’s speculators.
Weekly Forex Forecast – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, CHF/JPY, NZD/JPY, NASDAQ 100 Index, S&P 500 Index DailyForex - Technical Analysis2d 0h 38m
Last week saw stocks advance on lower US CPI data despite a still-cautious Fed, while the Forex market is dominated by a weak Euro and Japanese Yen.
French-German Bond Spread Widens, Signaling Euro Weakness Ahead of Elections Daily FX4d 1h 36m
The euro faces a challenging week as political uncertainties in France outweigh the brief reprieve from US CPI data. EUR/USD and EUR/GBP technical analysis reveals key levels
US Dollar Index Prints a One-Month High, USD/JPY Rallies Post-BoJ Meeting Daily FX4d 4h 7m
The US dollar is benefiting from a bout of weakness in the Euro and the Japanese Yen and is nearing levels last seen one month ago.
USD/JPY Forecast: Grinding Higher DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 4h 56m
The greenback continues to levitate against the Japanese yen as we head towards a Bank of Japan meeting during the early hours on Friday.
USD/CHF Forecast: Finds Support, Eyes 0.90 Level DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 5h 3m
The United States dollar continues to find support against the Swiss franc, despite the fact that the PPI numbers in the early hours on Thursday were complete miss.
BTC/USD Forecast: Finding Support Again DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 5h 10m
Bitcoin has fallen just a bit during the early trading session on Thursday but it appears that we continue to hang on to the $67,000 level.
USD/RUB Forex Signal: Volatile Session DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 5h 16m
The US dollar has been all over the place during the trading session on Thursday as the PPI numbers came out weaker than anticipated.
EUR/USD Forecast: Looking Choppy DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 5h 41m
The Euro fell a bit during the trading session on Thursday as the 1.08 level seems to be a little bit much to overcome.
S&P 500 Forecast: Pulls Back a Bit on Thursday PPI Miss DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 5h 44m
The S&P 500 initially tried to rally, but we have pulled back just a bit during the trading session on Thursday as the PPI numbers were lower than anticipated.
BoJ Preview: Inflation and Wages Leave more to be Desired Daily FX4d 22h 8m
BoJ expected to leave rates on hold but talk over gradually reducing bond purchases are likely to draw the focus tomorrow. Yen gives back ground after FOMC event
USD/TRY Forecast: Turkey Leads G20 in Economic Growth DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 22h 48m
The USD/TRY pair has maintained its stability without any significant changes. Recently, the pair has continued to move at the same levels for the third month in a row, confirming the controlled movement of the Turkish currency.
USD/JPY Analysis: Uptrend Continues Despite Fed Decision DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 23h 10m
The USD/JPY pair's upward trajectory took a temporary pause after the release of lower-than-expected US inflation figures.
GBP/USD Analysis: Bullish Dominance Grows Stronger DailyForex - Technical Analysis4d 23h 22m
GBP/USD surges to its highest level since March as US inflation cools.
US Inflation Dips Unexpectedly to 3.3% in May, Fed Remains Cautious DailyForex - News5d 0h 5m
There was good news on the inflation front, as inflation decelerated in May and was lower than anticipated.
Euro US dollar (EUR/USD) fluctuates ahead of US jobs data Euro Exchange Rate News5d 0h 20m
Euro US dollar (EUR/USD) fluctuates ahead of US jobs data Euro US dollar (EUR/USD) volatile ahead of US Jobs Report The euro US dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate is moving without a clear trajectory this morning ahead of the latest US jobs data, due for release this afternoon. At the time of writing the EUR/USD exchange rate is trading at $1.0793, virtually unchanged from this morning’s […] Euro Exch…
USD/SGD Forecast: US Dollar Plunges Against the Singapore Dollar DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 0h 58m
The US dollar has fallen over 6/10 of a percent against the Singapore dollar, which is a significant move considering that the pair does not tend to be overly volatile.
USD/CZK Forecast: US Dollar Gets Pummeled Against Czech Koruna DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 1h 7m
The US dollar has been absolutely hammered against the Czech koruna during the trading session on Monday, as we have fallen rather significantly and rather quickly due to concerns about inflation in America.
USD/RUB Forecast: US Dollar Drops Lower Against Ruble DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 1h 16m
The US dollar dropped to the downside during the trading session on Wednesday, as traders have ran away from the US dollar.
Euro Latest – EUR/USD and EUR/GBP Technical Outlooks Daily FX5d 1h 24m
The Euro bounced back from heavily oversold conditions on Wednesday, helped by a softer than expected US inflation report.
Silver Forecast: Breaks Above $30, FOMC in Focus DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 1h 42m
Silver has exploded to the upside after the CPI numbers in the United States came in a little lighter than anticipated.
USD/CAD Forecast: Plunge After CPI Data DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 1h 55m
We have seen the US dollar plunge against the Canadian dollar during the trading session on Wednesday after the CPI numbers came out lighter than anticipated in the United States.
Gold Forecast: Gold Continues to Shine as CPI Misses DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 3h 1m
Gold has launched higher during the trading session on Wednesday, and CPI numbers in the United States came out a little bit lower than anticipated.
USD/ILS Analysis: Range Displays Resilience for Speculative Wagers DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 3h 42m
The USD/ILS was able to downshift in correlation to the broad Forex market yesterday as the currency pair traded lower and touched a depth of nearly 3.68010.
FOMC Roundup: Fed Reconsiders Rate Cuts as Inflation Forecast Drifts Higher Daily FX5d 3h 45m
Fed trims rate cut bets as inflation forecast rises. USD reclaims ground on hawkish projections, while US equities rally on lower yields despite hotter inflation outlook
AUD/USD Forex Signal: 3-Week Consolidation Continues DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 3h 52m
Resistance level at $0.6657 looks likely to be pivotal today.
USD/RUB Analysis: Sudden Snap Move Higher and Speculative Intrigue DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 4h 12m
The USD/RUB has suddenly produced a move upwards within the currency pair, this after moving lower yesterday upon the result of the U.S inflation data.
Forex Today: Lower US Inflation Sends Stocks Soaring Despite Cautious Fed DailyForex - News5d 4h 20m
US inflation data showed no increases in prices over the past month, leading to an expected fall in annualized CPI which sent major US equity indices sharply higher.
BTC/USD Forex Signal: Bitcoin Looks for Direction After the FOMC DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 5h 9m
Bitcoin and other risky assets rose after a report showed that the US inflation was falling.
GBP/USD Forex Signal: Inverse H&S Pattern Points to More Gains DailyForex - Technical Analysis5d 5h 15m
GBP/USD exchange rate rose after the US published highly encouraging inflation numbers and after the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged as was widely expected.
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