What's new

Small facelift for logo (SVG).
Added a blog. Removed Exchange rate alarm, Mailing list, Survey and Valuation survey (because of GDPR).
Switched from http to https. The site is now available at https://www.ratesfx.com/.
Added social media sharing and citing buttons. Added QR-codes.
New HTML5 based responsive design replaces old XHTML based layout.
Better currency symbols, e.g. Euro symbol.
Small facelift for logos and icons.
Currency news section added.
The time range of change and volatility data is extended from one to three years.
Currency converter automatically stores the selected currency pair into preference cookies.
Tabbed user interface for Market maps.
New visualization added: Change distributions.
New Turkish lira added to the list of tracked currencies page.
Rates has been renamed to RatesFX, new domain name ratesfx.com. The backend system and all support scripts have been completely rewritten. All Mathematica coding replaced by Perl. Page layout has been changed. The site is no longer hosted at the University of Tampere, Finland (many thanks for hosting Rates for almost a decade!).
RatesFX beta site opens at http://www.ratesfx.com/.
Analysis of Euro currencies (Dutch guilder, Finnish markka, French franc, German mark, Greek drachma, Spanish peseta) removed. Analysis of Brazilian real, Chinese yuan, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Singapore dollar, and Thai baht added. Nine new currencies added to the exchange rate converter.
Euro currency added to the list of tracked currencies page. Old ECU page removed.
Currency names and symbols page updated.
Swedish krona has been added to the list of tracked currencies. Saudi rial was also dropped from this list.
The number of available currencies in the exchange rate converter increased to over fifty.
A JavaScript based exchange rate converter added.
High-Low Position Index indicator added. This measure can be found on all Exchange rate tables listed in Exchange rates page.
New valuation survey form added. This form makes it easier to give multiple opinions at once.
Added a system that gathers users' opinions on current currency valuations. The form is located at Data Menu page.
Site search facility improved.
Predicted future exchange rates are highlighted if they are relatively close by the current exchange rate.
Mean volatility indicator added to Data Menu page (moved to Summary page).
Yet another trifling web award, RatesFX Red Paw Award, established. Winners are listed on the Currency resources page.
Added charts for the most important currencies. These currencies are listed on the Foreign exchange rate data menu page.
New highs and lows summary page added.
Key cross currency exchange rate table page added.
What's new page added.